Black Sheep Brewery

Effluent Treatment

Valsave delivered a retrofit Effluent Treatment solution to Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, Yorkshire.

Based upon a 5m3 SCAFF unit, the system was deployed to refine final water in the production process. The brewing process results in large amounts of dissolved sugars and yeast, which are normally very difficult to remove from effluent and therefore keep within the legal tolerances set by Utilities. However, with added pH correction and COD reduction, the system brought the outlet level well within the required tolerances.

The unit supplied was a small, mobile unit to ease installation into a tight project area and integrate easily into the existing effluent control system. Additionally, the system is located within 50 metres of local housing and therefore needed to be sensitive to issues of both noise and odour control.

Interestingly, Valsave initially supplied the system as part of a short term trial and, having seen the effect of the system in operation, Black Sheep subsequently committed to buy the unit and keep it in situ. A great result for Valsave and for the client.

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How We Helped

  • Delivery of retrofit effluent treatment solution
  • Noise and odour reduction control
  • Small mobile unit
  • Fully compliant system

Valsave specialise in Water Treatment technology and MEI.

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