Effluent Treatment
mcvitties case study

Having already suffered fines and commercial impacts resulting from non-compliance with local utility requirements, McVities worked with Valsave to install a major, full turnkey Effluent Treatment system.

The system consisted of effluent transfer, storage and treatment, including the installation of a large scale SCAFF unit and belt press for solids removal. The system ensures that pH and COD levels are maintained through the deployment of a bespoke management software solution that incorporates a remote monitoring and alarm system that allows management information to be made available via text messaging.

mcvitties case study

In addition, Valsave provides an on-site engineering support service as well as spares and breakdown support; a total end-to-end solution to the clients Effluent Treatment needs that ensures compliance to standards and client confidence.

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How We Helped

  • Effluent transfer, storage and treatment
  • Bespoke software and remote monitoring system
  • Installation of large scale SCAFF unit
  • On-site engineering and support
  • Fully compliant system

Valsave specialise in Water Treatment technology and MEI.

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