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Effluent Treatment
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Valsave installed a major, full turnkey Effluent Treatment system for Timothy Taylor's Brewery in Keighley, Yorkshire.

The system consisted of effluent transfer, storage and treatment, including the installation of a large scale SCAFF unit and belt press for solids removal.

The system has ensured that Timothy Taylor achieve and maintain compliance with the consent levels of local utilities and as a result are able to avoid the implications of non-compliance; fines and the ultimate sanction of site closure. Like many food & drink production facilities, Timothy Taylor have to ensure compliance in order to avoid substantial disruption to their business and it is here that Valsave have found their Effluent Treatment solutions have biggest impact for their clients.

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The system ensures that pH and COD levels are maintained through the deployment of a bespoke management software solution that incorporates a remote monitoring and alarm system that allows management information to be made available via text messaging.

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How We Helped

  • Install of turnkey effluent treatment system
  • Effluent transfer, storage and treatment
  • Installation of large scale SCAFF unit
  • On-site engineering and support
  • Fully compliant system

Valsave specialise in Water Treatment technology and MEI.

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