New Technology Trials underway: Hydro Valsave screw press for Sludge Dewatering


Valsave are working with an exciting new sludge dewatering technology; the Hydro Valsave screw press. Developed with our partners Hydro International, Valsave are already making exciting progress with field trials of this new system.

In the first UK trials, Valsave have demonstrated significant savings in terms of power consumption and clean water usage in an application in the Cosmetics industry, where more traditional methods of effluent treatment have failed to produce effective results. Valsave are working with companies across the food, drink and other manufacturing sectors to demonstrate the benefits of this technology. 

A portable trial unit is available to Valsave customers anywhere in the UK; if you are interested in a trial or simply want to discuss the benefits of deploying this new screw press technology in your sludge dewatering application, please contact Pete Smith directly on 07714 457077or






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