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Valsave provides a range of boiler treatment technologies, including Boiler Sample Conditioning Units, Chemical Dosing and Analysis, Dissolved Oxygen and Deposit Monitoring systems.

Boiler Sample Conditioning Units

As specialists in Boiler Conditioning technologies, Valsave manufactures a range of boiler Sample Conditioning Units (SCUs). Purpose-designed for providing water samples from boiler systems, each SCU is a high-pressure unit that takes a sample of water from the boiler, removes impurities from the sample, reduces the sample water temperature and uses a specially developed filter and pressure regulator to reduce the pressure. The water is then fine-filtered and passed through a flow meter before being analysed and returned to the boiler.

Chemical Dosing

Valsave offers a range of bespoke boiler dosing systems that can be tailored to your specific requirements. These systems are available in Basic, Flow-Paced and Fully Automated formats.


Our basic boiler dosing system controls PH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and analysis. Set point control is used for analysis. Chemical dosing/metering is automatic and there is alarm generation.


Just as with the Basic system, the Flow-Paced system also controls PH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and analysis. It uses flow-paced chemical metering with set-point trim. Features also include data logging and alarm PLC.


A full turnkey package, each Fully-Automated system uses automatic sampling and conditioning. More advanced than our other systems, with flow-paced, set-point and automatic data management, this system provides remote management via Ethernet conductivity and has touch-screen control interface and automatic blow-down control. Control software is totally bespoke and tailored to user requirements.

Dissolved Oxygen

Excessive concentrations of oxygen in boiler feed water can result in corrosion damage in the circuit. To achieve oxygen-free water as far as possible it is thermally or chemically degassed. To obtain best results, continuous measurement directly in the process eliminates this risk and also provides reliable information about the state of the boiler feed water.

Valsave offers analysers with the capability to monitor parts per billion as well as parts per million of dissolved oxygen, complete with sample conditioning pipe work and control, options for Ph, conductivity and temperature monitoring and control of chemical dosing pumps. Full data logging and/or control is also available.

Deposit Monitoring

Water circulating in an evaporative cooling system becomes concentrated and likely to form scale on heat exchanger surfaces. Scale reduces the efficiency of the heat exchanger and can lead to plant failure. Water treatment programmes are used to prevent scale formation and prolong operation between shutdowns.

The Valsave monitor confirms that the water treatment programme is working or gives early warning that scaling conditions exist to allow preventative action to be taken before process efficiency is reduced or at worst the plant has to be shut down for descaling.

As scale or deposit build-up is a slow process, the system includes an inbuilt data logger to monitor over long periods and give a true reflection of what is happening.

Valsave specialise in Water Treatment technology and MEI.

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