Effluent Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Valsave has a pedigree of providing innovative solutions for all manner of industrial waste water treatment processes and understands the issues of treating the liquid effluent from virtually every production process.

We possess the necessary electrical and mechanical engineering capability and also have the necessary specialist knowledge in applied chemistry to enable us to formulate a solution to your requirements - together with the highly professional support that comes from our proven project management skills. We can, therefore, offer a turnkey solution to your effluent treatment problems unlike many other suppliers who can only supply part of the solution.

Fully aware of all current environmental considerations, we engineer the technologies that ensure correct treatment of effluent to enable our customers to fulfil their environmental obligations.

The equipment solutions we provide include SCAFF Technology. We also provide a large number of other technologies to solve your effluent treatment problems, including biological treatments.

Effluent Treatment

Valsave has recently built  turnkey effluent treatment plants at the manufacturing sites of two of the UK’s leading independent brewery brands. These projects have delivered huge reductions in contaminants discharged from site and allowed the sites to continue in operation after fines and threats of legal action and potential closure from local water authorities.

Our technology solutions ensure correct chemical dosing, enhance the lifecycle of capital equipment and deliver increased operational efficiency.

Our effluent treatment solutions include:

  • Filter systems
  • SCAFF Flotation Systems
  • Coagulation and Flocculation Systems
  • Sludge Treatment Systems
Scaff Flotation System

Valsave specialise in Water Treatment technology and MEI.

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